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Can natural gas be recycled ?



Can Natural Gas be recycled ? 🤔

Recycled natural gas (RNG) in its core is methane gas. It came to light in recent years as the global consensus evolves towards environmental awareness and acknowledging that our fossil fuel resources are factually finite.

RNG is similar to fossil gas in structure, yet it differs in origin. Although a percentage of RNG comes from petroleum refining, the majority of RNG is extracted from organic waste landfills, industrial dairy farms, agricultural distilleries and sewage treatment installations through anaerobic digestion in which bacteria is introduced to the targeted biomass in an oxygen free environment to start the process, hence RNG is coined with the term “biomethane” or “biogas”.

Biogas is eco-friendly as it is carbon neutral, doesn’t require a dedicated pipeline for delivery, low-cost technology which is beneficial for small scale economies, similar cost to the end consumer as natural gas and the generation process also provides organic fertilizer and reduces soil and water pollution.

RNG is following the doctrine of safeguarding the environment and paving the way for more reliance on cleaner sources of energy.