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QHSE Policy

SERGAS Group intends to be acknowledged as the QHSE leader in LPG Systems, LPG Operations and Gas Equipment Trading. Through the QHSE policy the Group aims to provide innovative solutions to its customers, keeping in mind the global principles of sustainable development, responsibility of safety and quality management systems.

SERGAS Group is highly committed to uphold the quality of its products and services, to look after the health of its employees and adapt safe procedures for its processes. We make efforts to continually improve our standards and stay ahead of our competition.

SERGAS Group has a well-established Integrated Management System which includes:


SERGAS Group ensures customer satisfaction by providing quality assured services, timely delivery of products and services and meets customer expectations at all levels of function.

Health, Safety & Environment:

SERGAS Group ensures no damage to the environment by the prevention of pollution and depletion of natural resources arising from its products & services and prevents personnel from injury and ill health.


SERGAS Group ensures integrity by complying with all applicable legal framework and other requirements related to products, services and health, safety & environment.


SERGAS Group ensures effective communication by providing awareness and displaying the QHSE policy on various locations of the company and its branches including the company website for the public, stakeholders and other interested parties.


SERGAS Group ensures a safe working environment for all employees by initiating personnel to participate in matters related to health, safety & environment and achieving better business results by supporting teamwork.