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Fire Detection and Evacuation Systems

Fire Alarm System
A fire alarm detection system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, heat, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. SERGAS Group provides different types of fire detection systems such as addressable and conventional type with Civil Defense approved materials.

Voice Evacuation System
Voice evacuation systems are specially designed to convey messages in an emergency situation. The system uses spoken messages or pre- recorded messages to evacuate public facilities safely. A wide range of voice evacuation devices are available at SERGAS Group to supply, service and to install with reference to the requirements and standards.

Emergency & Exit Light System
Emergency & exit lights are designed to show the exit through illuminated pathway which assists to evacuate the building safely during an emergency. This system ensures that the lighting is provided promptly & automatically when normal power supply to the lighting fails. These lights contain inbuilt battery and it is dependent on normal AC circuits. SERGAS Group's high quality LED lights and fluorescent lights can match with Civil Defence Lux requirements with high luminous intensity and the exit lights clearly indicate the direction with maximum viewable distance.

Central Battery System
Central battery system is an emergency & exit light system but all the lights are powered by a group of batteries which is placed in a battery cabinet & secured within a temperature maintained area. All the emergency lights are completely dependent on the signal from the central battery control panel or local area controller. All of the central battery components such as lights, battery, directional stickers, area or intelligent controllers are supplied by SERGAS Group.

CO Detection System
Carbon Monoxide detection systems are specially designed to detect the presence of CO in the atmosphere. These are mostly present in car parking areas. We provide highly sensitive CO detectors matching different safety standards.

Public Address System
Public address system is an advanced system, which includes the voice evacuation system. It can convey different types of messages like fire warning, live paging & announcement, azaan and background music. A wide range of background music system devices with good sound quality and sound level are available at SERGAS Group.