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To get the Gas connection in your flat you need to apply for the connection at our office.

You can go to our office and pay your bill or you can pay online through our website.

To transfer the connection in the name of legal heir / within the family, please submit the following at our office.

  • An application with details
  • Documents giving proof of relationship,
  • Transfer form duly signed with both parties

The deposit will remain the same as in the original contract.

Please insist on cash memos, which should contain the complete charges paid by you. The various charges including deposits and service charges are displayed on it.

In case of Gas leakage beyond working hours and on holidays, you can contact  our 24/7 Emergency No. operating in your region. Phone Nos. of the 24/7 Emegency support is mentioned on the Website & on the Instructions Stickers and inside your kitchen. 

You can visit our website and click for location then find your nearest located barnch.