Message From GM
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Dear Customers,

SERGAS GROUP celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2013.

It is a great achievement and a crowning of 25 years of excellence in the Gas business sector.

Since our start in 1988, our vision was for long-term business based on quality, honesty and fairness in our dealings by thinking and acting confidently. Our group has been built by committed service as well as hard work and as a result we have achieved with appreciation, great projects during the past 25 years.

SERGAS Group is constantly striving to be the best in the industry and to provide you the highest level of services.

We grew from UAE and today we have extended our operations to Tunisia, Poland, Oman, Sudan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and planning to enter to other countries.

On behalf of all Partners and Managers, we seize this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in our progress.

Our sincere thanks also to the Local Authorities for their continuous valued support and we would like to express our gratitude to the UAE leadership for their wise vision in the Energy Sector which is playing a key role in the country’s development that made UAE today the most attractive business and living place in the world.

                                                                                                                                          Mohamed Damak