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What are the documents required to get connected to central gas facilities in your building?

1.  ID or Passport copy

2.  Tenancy Agreement or Accommodation Letter or Ownership Document.

     Gas Supply Contract to be signed in our office.



Payment required?
A down payment of AED 950 will be requested at the contract signature, detailed as below: 
  • AED 300 gas connection fee
  • AED 650 deposit refundable when disconnection the services.
How I’m going to be billed in the future?

You will receive a Gas Consumption Invoice every 4 months ( 3 Invoice per year)

Either by Email or Post box and you will receive a notification by SMS when the invoice is generated.

How to get my Central Gas Facilities Disconnected?

You can get your gas disconnected by calling our Call Center 600 565657 and requesting a service disconnection, a technician will attend to your flat (within 2 hours) to disconnect the gas and collect the last reading. You will have to visit our office within 24 hours in order to receive your clearance letter and refund the balance amount of your deposit.

How can I pay my Invoice?

4 methods of payment are possible

              1.  Online payment through our Website ( See home page)

              2.  Payment in our offices:  

                    (Airport Road, HSBC Building 3rdFloor and in main office, Mena Road.)

              3.  Bank Transfer

              4.  Payment through MBME machine (effective on April 2014)




In case of LPG leakage during the nights, where do we contact?

Please call 600 565657 and request your region.